The Uses And Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

When it comes to our bodies, it seems as though people want to take the extra step in making sure that their outside appearance, as well feeling great on the inside is highly taken care of. That’s just the nature of how human beings work. Who doesn’t want to look and feel great? There are so many different products on the current market today that aid in making us look, as well feel great and who wouldn’t want to tap into that, right? Just imagine you’re sitting at home wondering what you could do about your next hangover or how to whiten your teeth for the next time you’re going to be out on the town. It’s reasonable to think like that, but what kind of product is going to give you all of those wonderful benefits? Have you ever heard of activated charcoal? Some people haven’t heard of this product, and it definitely has some amazing benefits, ranging from helping with whitening one’s teeth, all the way to assisting with the severity of a hangover!

Who wouldn’t love to use a product that is going to do that, correct? When it comes to the body, our health and how we view our own beauty, there couldn’t be a better product out on the current market that could do so many positive things for a person! Whiter teeth simply by brushing with activated charcoal? Need we mention that activated charcoal is pitch black powder or sometimes it can be converted into a gel-like mask when applied to the face, but most of the time, activated charcoal comes in the powder form. So, it’s pitch black, and you wouldn’t think that by brushing your teeth with something black as night would make them the whitest they have ever been, but this product will definitely deliver beyond the mystery and today, we are going to be discussing five of the uses, as well the benefits of using this activated charcoal!

Whiter Teeth with Activated Charcoal

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth, literally every single day? White teeth in most societies mean that you are a very clean and well put together person and everyone likes to be thought of like that, right? Can you remember the time that you were asked out on a date by a gorgeous guy, but he always had these yellow teeth? As vain as that always sounds, it changes your perspective on him and makes you not want to get close to him, but isn’t that completely awful to admit something like that? It’s the truth though, and it’s life. If we do not take care of ourselves from the inside out, what do you expect people to treat you? It may sound a bit harsh, but it’s the reality of the matter.

Did you know that sometimes a person will have yellow teeth because of a chemical imbalance in their mouth, although they brush their teeth on the regular basis? Wouldn’t that be completely awful to live a life like that, where it would truly hurt your spirit to smile in front of others, regardless if you have a straight smile or not? Having yellow and stained teeth is a factor that most of do not want and will try to run from, but did you know there is help out there? There is a product called activated charcoal out on the market that will actually alter the pH balance in a person’s mouth, assisting with the prevention of cavities, bad breath, gum disease, as well making your teeth extremely white? Yes, there sure is a product out there that will do just that, but how? How can activated charcoal do this for a person’s teeth? This type of toothpaste, or some people call it tooth polish absorbs the plaque, as well the little tidbits which will tend to stain teeth and cause that awful yellow color. Keep in mind that this type of tooth polish is the most affordable and natural substance when it comes to whitening your teeth? This tooth polish is absolutely amazing in all the factors that it can do.

Not only does this type of tooth polish assist with making a person’s teeth extremely white, but this tooth polish always leaves a person’s mouth feeling extremely clean, taking care of bad breath altogether. It’s truly like going to the dentist and having your teeth cleaned. Nine times out of ten, the tooth solution will come in a package with what they call the tooth polish, which is the gel-like toothpaste and then you have a separate container of powder. Keep in mind that all of this activated charcoal solution is pitch black. Now, the first thing you will need to do when you get your package is open the powder first, okay? Make sure you wet the bristles of your toothbrush and then proceed to dip the bristles only into the activated charcoal powder and then all you do is start brushing your teeth with it. Keep in mind that it will feel grainy on your teeth, but this is completely normal.

It would be recommended that you brush with this powder for around thirty seconds to one solid minute and then spit out the remaining activated charcoal. You will then need to rinse your mouth out with lukewarm water and go on about your day. You will absolutely begin to see results that day; immediate results. It’s also recommended that you go and brush with the tooth polish after the powder, but the thing you must remember with the tooth polish is that after you spit it out, you should NOT rinse your mouth out, as this will take the finishing touches off from your teeth from the polish itself. Some manufactures even make activated charcoal masks that you can put on your face that will help to tighten the skin, as well help with reducing pores and blackhead. There are so many uses for this type of charcoal, making a person not only look better but feel better too!

Alleviates Bloating and Gas

Did you know that a person can take activated charcoal as a medicine or a pill form? There are so many different ways that a person can take this type of solution. Just imagine you are getting married, all right? Okay, great! So, you’re standing up there waiting for your beautiful bride to come walking down the aisle and all of a sudden, you begin to feel your stomach grumble and growl. Here comes…Gas! Oh, my goodness, what on Earth should a person do at a moment like that?

Gas and swelling can absolutely be one of the scariest and embarrassing times a person could go through because when a person has to go…They have to go, right? There are many people out there that overlook the added benefits of activated charcoal because it’s been so widely talked about in regards of a great teeth whitener and yes, it really is a great teeth whitener, but there are so many other uses for this component. Activated charcoal has been noted in recent research to take care of gas and swelling issues that a person may experience from time to time. How does that work, really? Well, the process works by binding the gas-causing byproducts in various forms of foods which will cause the gas and swelling. Isn’t that amazing how it can do that? There was a study conducted in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, which they found that this activated charcoal actually works to prevent intestinal gas, following by eating a characteristic gas-producing meal! How much of this activated charcoal should a person be taking to get rid of their gas and swelling?

What would be recommended is that a person take five hundred milligrams only one hour before eating a common gas-producing meal. Make sure you take this supplement with a filled glass of water to wash it down into your system quite well. This is where most people make their mistake is because you should also follow with another full cup of water proximately after in regards of helping to let get in, the charcoal into your structure because it can very well bind with the gas-producing fundamentals.

This is an amazing element to take if you’re older, going to a special event, or if you have gas and swelling on the regular and just simply want to get rid of it because we all know, it can be so embarrassing and offensive to have those popup accidents in public or around a family or friend. This would especially be important if you have a special event to go to, like a wedding or a party because the last thing you would need to happen is a minor blowup in front of your friends and or family!

Will Treat Alcohol Poisoning and Hangovers

This will make quite a lot of people happy to hear this! So, you’re out on the town having a great night; one of the best nights, ever and you get drunk! This happens to so many people throughout our world because let’s admit it here. Drinking, hanging out dancing with your friends is quite a lot of fun, but there are so many of us that do not know how to drink in moderation, and that’s the issue. When we’re young, and in college, it’s fun to have an all-nighter and turn it up, that’s just the nature of the beast, and we cannot get around that.

Alcohol poisoning is no joke, and it can actually kill people if it’s bad enough. Yes, drinking can be a lot of fun for many of us, but we all must remember that if you drink too much of alcohol, it will definitely cause some issues in more ways than a person is able to deal with. Just imagine after a wild night of heavy drinking, you wake up with one of those infamous hangovers. Your head is busting, and everyone sounds as though they are yelling at you. There is just no relief for you, and a “good” hangover can last anywhere from twenty-four to forty-eight hours, depending on how drunk you became the night before. So, what does a person do for situations like that and really, are there any products on the current market that will help alcohol poisoning, as well hangovers? Well, you’re definitely in luck because, in fact, there is a product that can help with these two conditions and it’s called activated charcoal! The most common misperception is that activated charcoal absorbs the alcohol in a person’s system, but in fact, it does not.

What this product does is that quickly helps to remove toxins from a person’s body which will contribute to the overall alcohol poisoning. Did you know that alcohol, in general, is rarely consumed in its original form? That’s right. There are mixers which include artificial sweeteners, as well other forms of chemicals and activated charcoal will ultimately remove these toxins, which is such a plus for you if you’re suffering from alcohol poisoning or a harsh hangover!

Do you know what’s even better about activated charcoal and alcohol? If you consume activated charcoal at the same time you consume alcohol, chances are it will dramatically reduce blood alcohol concentrations. You probably wouldn’t think that such a small substance could help in reducing hangovers and alcohol concentration levels, would you? It’s so amazing that activated charcoal can prevent something so harsh such as dealings with alcohol, resulting in preventing a bad hangover and even the poisoning of alcohol! There are definitely products out there to assist with just about anything, but the key factor is locating them for the appropriate situation.

Assisting with A Mold Problem

Ah, mold, everyone, and their grandmother have heard of mold, either living in our homes or in a person’s body, whichever one, sometimes the outcome can be deadly depending on which type of mold a person is dealing with. Black Mold is of the deadliest forms of mold and will absolutely cause death if not dealt with immediately in the home! What’s even worse is that most people do not even consider the fact that mold can very well be living in their bodies, and not just their homes as this is the most common place for mold to occur. Did you know that toxic mold can very well cause depression, liver and kidney failure, decrease brain functions, eye irritation, impaired immune system issues, and so much more that can really cause a lot of trouble for many individuals?

So, what does a person do when there is mold in the home or even mold in your body? That can be such a terrifying element to face in life. You’re probably thinking, who in the world could have mold growing inside their bodies? Yes, it does sound quite disgusting, but it can happen. It mainly results from living in an environment where there is mold already growing. You must remember what you live in, eventually, you will become that; not literally, but if you live in a home where there is mold, it will definitely affect you and most of the times, not in the best ways. A lot of the times, a person will carry a cough, due to an upper respiratory that they “just cannot get rid of” or sometimes a person will constantly have a runny nose, and all this results from is a moldy, bad living environment.

So, what can a person do about this? There are a few things that a person can do, such as repetitive cleaning your walls with water and a bleach solution to keep the mold down, but there is something that’s even better in removing toxins from your corners and walls. A product called activated charcoal can be used to clean your home with and all a person has to do is mix it in with their mop water, give it a little swish and mop the baseboards, walls, corners, and wherever mold has taken over in your home. Doesn’t that sound amazing? How does this work differently than bleach? Well, keep in mind that activated charcoal has the ability to get in there and penetrate deeply below the surface of the mold, harshly removing the properties that cause mold, but there is one thing to keep in mind. If you live in a poorly ventilated house, the foundation sits on a damp area or even water, there is nothing that will truly take your mold away forever, but activated charcoal will take it away for a longer period versus bleach or any other solution out on the market. You must understand that in order to live mold-free in your home, you are going to have to take a look at the home in general and look to see how your foundation sits and so on, that way you can try altering those elements instead of cleaning up a mold mess every so many months. If you have mold in your body, it would be best to take a tablet of five hundred milligrams of activated charcoal each day, that way the charcoal will be able to get rid of the negative toxins in your body.

A Better Water Filtration

We all want a better water filtration in our homes because drinking water and not only that, but drinking clear and healthy water will make us all feel better inside and out. There are many ways to filter out our drinking water, but did you know that activated charcoal can help with that process? Most people wouldn’t think that activated charcoal would help to filter out our drinking water, but it really can! Activated charcoal can help in so many different ways when it comes to home and health, body, as well beauty. Did you know that activated charcoal will actually trap the impurities in water, and some of those impurities include pesticides, solvents, industrial waste, as well various other chemicals?

Isn’t that what you would want for your drinking water at home, especially if you have small children always running around, drinking the tap water? Another very interesting element to take into consideration is there was a recent study conducted by the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association, and these researchers found that activated carbon filters, which is just activated charcoal. So, they found that these filters actually remove some fluoride in the water. This is an amazing thing that activated charcoal will do because by avoiding fluoride, as well detoxing it from it has been noted as being so very important for a person’s oral health, proper immune system functioning, as well having healthy kidneys and a liver. Isn’t that so amazing that this kind of charcoal can do that?