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Welcome to the Natural Solutions Club. Please use the links below to explore all of the content. Please bookmark this page so that you are able to access this huge amount of content as often as you like. Take full advantage of all of the tutorials, follow along with the video guides and learn from all of the written material. New guides, videos and tutorials are added regularly. Please stay in tocuh by signing up for our regular newsletter.

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Additional Modules

All new content is added here.  If you have already explored everything you may find it easier to use the Quick Links button below which has everything organised in categories.  Don’t forget more content is added regularly.

Alkaline Foods, Energy Foods and Fitness Myths

In this module we take a look at alkaline foods and how they help the human body.  We also show you 10 of the best foods for giving you a 100% natural energy boost.  Finally, we debunk 20 fitness myths covering everything from sweating to sleep, from cardio to carbs… and many more

Desk Exercises Video Guides

15 great fitness exercises to be done at or near your desk at home.  Work out the easy and fun way.  All the videos are demonstrated by a male personal trainer so you can easily follow along.  Exercises include Desk Calf Raises, Desk Chair Squats, Desk Seated Wrist Stretch, Desk Leg Extensions and 11 more…

Healthy Eating Habits, Healthy Fats, Healthy Recipes

Lets help our health by eating healthy.  In this module we adopt a 3 step approach to getting our diet working for us.  First, we look at getting our mind right and start developing healthy eating habits.  Next a series of short videos identify the health benefits of healthy fats.  Finally, a brilliant set of illustrated recipe guides for meals that are so easy to make, tasty and good for you.

The Weightloss Mindset Problems Solved

In part one of our Weightloss Mindset series we start with video instruction covering staying positive, traps to avoid, dealing with setbacks and much more.  Packed with useful tips these videos are essential to getting yuor mind right.  Next up is the 5 step weightloss mindset report which adds more practical advice to the video instruction.  Look out for part two of the mindset course where we add in exercise help and loads more information on getting it right.  

The Weightloss Mindset Problems Solved - Part Two

We start part two with a comprehensive guide to reprogramming your weight loss mindset.  It contains 22,533 words of high quality content and covers Building a Positive Outlook Towards Weight Loss, What is Body Image? What Shapes our Body Image? How Negative Body Image Affects Your Health,  What is Self-Esteem? Why are Body Image and Self-Esteem Important for Weight Loss? Why has it Gotten to This Point? How Do you Know What to Believe? How to Gain a Positive Body Image, How to Succeed When You’ve Failed in the Past, Mentally Preparing to Begin a Weight Loss Plan, Reasons for Weight Loss, The Details of Weight Loss, Moderation is the Key, Portion Control, What to Do When You Overeat, Avoid Making Excuses, Helping you Stay Positive, Common Negative Thoughts and How to Avoid Them.

All of this is followed up with another video set that goes into detail about the various exercise types you can use to lose weight plus some follow along tutorials for effective exercises you can try at home. 

Natural Health Projects And More

Some real variety here. Have fun making some bright and beautiful hand made soaps. Learn how to make natural garden pesticides and discover the amazing benefits of coconut oil.


The Anti Inflammatory Diet And Pain Free Living Guide

This is an incredible module for  Natural Solutions Club users. 

10 video recipes that are perfect for the anti inflammatory diet.  Follow along with these easy to make classics. 

A complete ebook that has all the answers. What Is Inflammation? How And Why Does Inflammation Develop? Understanding Chronic Inflammation, Chronic Inflammation And Health Risks, The Root Causes Of Inflammation, Inflammation And The Immune System, Food Allergies, Intolerance And Inflammation, Foods That Cause Inflammation, Foods That Reduce Inflammation, Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

Plus Preventing Arthritis report, Essential Oils For Fibromyalgia report, Exercises For Chronic Pain report, Inflammation Factor report, Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid report, Going Low Carb For Inflammation report, Herbs And Spices For Inflammation report.

Plus 30 informative mini reports that deal with specific problems such as keen and back pain.

Staying Calm - Complete Audio Meditations, Affirmations And A Comprehensive Guide

Something really different here; that’s why the button is a different color!  2 complete audio mediations focus on stress relief and dealing with problems.  Plus, a 30 minute affirmation session to promote peace and calm.  All backed up with another excellent written guide.  The perfect solution for natural stress relief.

Your Complete Body And Mind Detox Program

Another huge Natural Solutionas Club complete program.  This module includes 10 how to videos covering everything from drinks to digestion to bath time, a 30 day body and mind detox plan to follow, a special report on sugar and 14 mini reports looking at aspects of detox in detail.

The Ultimate Age Slower Course

No one wants to get old! In this packed module you will find a quick easy to read report, cheat sheet and guide to resources. For more detail check out the ultimate guide and training videos. Finish off with a comprehensive article section. Everything in this program will help you fight the aging process.

Much, Much More To Come Going Forward!

Keep checking back as the latest modules will be added here