Anxiety – Natural Solutions


Today we are taking a look at anxiety.  Over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders and more than $40 billion per year is spent on treating these disorders.  Not surprisingly many people who suffer from anxiety disorders are actively looking for alternative, lower cost treatment options. Let’sfind out more about anxiety, natural solutions. In this special report we are … Read more

Home ingredient remedies for hair and skin


Home ingredient remedies for hair and skin Most of us will go to a lot of trouble to keep to a strict beauty regimen so that our skin, hair, and nails look gorgeous all the time. People across the world spend millions to reach their beauty goals and to try and prevent themselves from going under the knife eventually. The … Read more

12 ailments onions may help with


In today’s post we take a look at the humble onion and in particular how it may help treat certain ailments.  As always please do use this information in conjunction with advice from your doctor.  If you have any health concerns at all your first port of call should be your doctor.  Natural remedies should be used in conjunction with … Read more

Self-care tips – Use self-care to improve your life

self-care tips

**************************************************** Self-care tips Self-care is vital whatever your position or time in life. Everyone has challenges to deal with and responsibilities, whether they be personal or professional. Our self-care tips can help you deal with these daily challenges. What is self-care exactly? Self-care is something you hear about a lot. You might see it in self-help books, magazine articles or … Read more

Coconut Oil – Uses and Benefits


************************************************* In this blog post we take a look at the uses and benefits of coconut oil.  This is an amazing natural product that is an essential for anyone looking to adopt a healthier, natural lifestyle. Read on to find out more about how you can use coconut oil every day and enjoy its beneficial natural properties: With more and … Read more

The Benefits of Lean Plant Proteins

******************************************************************************** Earn good health through healthy living by choosing lean plant proteins   The plant-based type of diet has in modern times become very, very popular and set to become even more so for millions of people as they discover the amazing power and health benefits of plants. In fact, this way of eating goes back thousands of years, with … Read more

Balancing Hormones Naturally

When it comes to balancing out your hormones, sometimes that can feel like a huge challenge because there are stressors in life that are pretty hard to deal with. Balancing your hormones naturally can actually be quite exciting, though a lot of people do not know where to begin in this process. How can a person balance out their hormones within the natural state? Does stress play a factor in all of this or is it merely just nature and the way of the beast? Some people will beg to differ, of course, that’s just the way human nature is. What may work for you is the complete opposite of how someone else may go about something in life. That’s just life and to each their own, correct? What is a hormone in the body to even begin with? Well, keep in mind that a hormone is just another chemical and or substance in the body that works as a vessel in people’s bodies that will make them act or do a certain thing, whether that element is good or bad.

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The Uses And Benefits Of Activated Charcoal

When it comes to our bodies, it seems as though people want to take the extra step in making sure that their outside appearance, as well feeling great on the inside is highly taken care of. That’s just the nature of how human beings work. Who doesn’t want to look and feel great? There are so many different products on the current market today that aid in making us look, as well feel great and who wouldn’t want to tap into that, right? Just imagine you’re sitting at home wondering what you could do about your next hangover or how to whiten your teeth for the next time you’re going to be out on the town. It’s reasonable to think like that, but what kind of product is going to give you all of those wonderful benefits? Have you ever heard of activated charcoal? Some people haven’t heard of this product, and it definitely has some amazing benefits, ranging from helping with whitening one’s teeth, all the way to assisting with the severity of a hangover!

Who wouldn’t love to use a product that is going to do that, correct? When it comes to the body, our health and how we view our own beauty, there couldn’t be a better product out on the current market that could do so many positive things for a person! Whiter teeth simply by brushing with activated charcoal? Need we mention that activated charcoal is pitch black powder or sometimes it can be converted into a gel-like mask when applied to the face, but most of the time, activated charcoal comes in the powder form. So, it’s pitch black, and you wouldn’t think that by brushing your teeth with something black as night would make them the whitest they have ever been, but this product will definitely deliver beyond the mystery and today, we are going to be discussing five of the uses, as well the benefits of using this activated charcoal!

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