Daily Exercise Made Easy

Sometimes we all just think that exercise is just too time consuming.  The result: We don’t do it.  So I thought I’d have alook around the internet today and see if I can find some useful information for you.   This first article is a great place to start.

How to add more steps to your day

https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/wellness/small-steps-really-basic-ways-to-add-exercise-to-your-day/2017/08/22/db05f70e-81fe-11e7-902a-2a9f2d808496_story.htmlThere are so many different forms and confusing information that it can be unclear what’s best. Exercise can be fun until you get hurt, so it may seem easier to just avoid it. Regular activity can have a positive effect on our weight, mood, cardiovascular health, blood pressure, stress management and blood-sugar levels.   Via washingtonpost.com

That article had loads of really simple tips inluding these:

• Use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you have one to three flights, get in the routine of taking the stairs. If it’s several flights, decide when the elevator is a better option than the stairs.

• Get competitive. Many step apps allow you to share your steps with a community. This can be motivating for many who hate to lose or like being held accountable.

• Go on walking dates rather than eating dates. Whether it’s with a dear friend, colleague or partner, meet up and go for a long walk and talk rather than sitting and eating.

• Walk when feeling tired. A high-intensity workout may seem unappealing when you’re feeling sluggish, but a long walk may be just right.

• Clear your mind and walk. Count your breaths while focusing on mindfulness, or listen to a podcast, music or an audiobook to take your mind off your day and refocus. Via washingtonpost.com

If you are a member of the Natural Solutions Club we have a great set of desk exercise videos for you too.  These are 15 of these and they are available in your free 30 days trial membership.  If you want something a little more demanding but still easy to do at home you may find this page of use. 

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